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A Room of Her Own
Fri, Jul 31 2009
21 Weeks and Counting
Mood:  lucky
Topic: family
This pregnancy has been different in so many ways. R and I definitely worry less. The last time, we weren't even sure we could carry to term without an emergency. Being on heparin really made the difference, along with very very close monitoring, since I did eventually develop preeclampsia at 36 weeks and was induced at 37 weeks. I'm hoping with this pregnancy that we can delay bedrest and avoid an induction. Just a wild fantasy, I suppose. Insh'Allah. I just started using a fetal monitor at home, too, which we also used last time. It just gives us a little peace of mind, especially now that the doctor's appointments are still once a month. The morning sickness has been a little worse, but it's nothing compared to what it'll probably be in the 3rd trimester. Sleeping has already started to be uncomfortable and I hope I won't have to sleep upright any time soon.

Just in the last two weeks, I've started to feel the little chickpea kick and move around. I had forgotten what that was like. Amazing and really cool. We have our next ultrasound tomorrow - a little peek into the womb room - and we hope to find out the baby's sex. And just hope that everything is alright and on track. We're halfway there!

Posted by mary at 12:01 AM EDT
Thu, Jul 30 2009
Summer Blogness
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: TV: Burn Notice
Topic: blogness

It's been a while, but summer vacation has given me a bit more time to blog. I haven't had poetry on my mind much, since I spend a lot of my time really vegging out - computer games, tv, dvds, and cross-stitching. Oh, and naps. Though, with the second trimester of pregnancy, I am less exhausted and nap less frequently. If Ishmael is ever home for his nap, that's usually a guaranteed nap for me.

Right now, Rahim and Baba are having a boy's afternoon out, so it gives me time to catch up with email, blogging, and make a nice lunch. I heated up some leftover Indian food and had some Nutella and bread for desert. Yum. A little raspberry iced tea and it's a perfect summer afternoon.

Posted by mary at 12:01 AM EDT
Sat, Nov 29 2008
A Thanksgiving Haiku
Mood:  hungry
Topic: poetry

grandmother's china
filled with turkey and gravy
all it's ever known


Thanks to Haiku of the Day.

Posted by mary at 9:34 PM EST
Tue, Nov 25 2008
Motor Running
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: bullet shots in the distance
Topic: family
 Uh. My husband's aunt broke up with her long-term boyfriend (they're both in their fifties?) because it turned out he was still married. R's aunt knew he was married, but didn't know the part about him seeing his wife again. And I don't mean just at the PTA meetings.

It's a shame because they were together for nearly a decade. They lived separately and didn't expect to get married because it was too complicated. Well, being broken up is pretty simple. Pretty hurtful. Her boyfriend had introduced her to riding motorcycles too, which is now a pastime that she really enjoys. I wonder if she'll continue to ride, even with her heart broken, like bike parts strewn across the asphalt.

I recommend she run him over or in some way bust his balls.

Posted by mary at 11:29 PM EST
Updated: Tue, Nov 25 2008 11:30 PM EST
Mood:  mischievious
Now Playing: hum of dishwasher
Topic: health

Here's an interesting haiku about food. It is in honor of my recent bout with food poisoning. Must treat the food carefully. Must wash hands often.

Symbol of teachers
The repellent of doctors,
The red fruit of sin.
Roatha Chap, Houston

Posted by mary at 11:22 PM EST
Sat, Nov 8 2008
the gentle art of haiku
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: poetry

a swirling mist
over November hills—
bagpipe serenade

Wendy Visser

From Daily Haiku

Posted by mary at 11:24 PM EST
Fri, Nov 7 2008
Shoe Shopping
Mood:  happy
Topic: money
The weather changed quite abruptly about two weeks ago and it coincided perfectly with our move to the new place. So, I was stuck with the late summer clothes I had left unpacked and the few wintery pieces I could pull out of a suitcase. It became clear too that my shoes would not be adequate for the rest of the season either. I will need some new shoes, like some work boots or loafers. I need more foot and ankle coverage. The Mary Jane’s are cute, but it’s not so cute to have cold feet. I also need at least one more pair of pants too that are longer! One pair I’ve been relying on for a while are more capri style. So, some shoes and pants that keep me covered are on the shopping list. Let the hunt begin!

Posted by mary at 10:10 PM EST
Mood:  not sure
Topic: blogness

Blog-time no see! Hee hee! I'm back! I'm determined to continue writing poetry and submitting my work to journals. I also am steadily composing a short story, though mostly in my head. Isn't that what blogs are for?

Posted by mary at 10:09 PM EST
Sun, Sep 28 2008
On E
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: money
The gas shortage here in Atlanta is making for a bit of a time shortage too. I haven’t had to fill up since the lines started building and craziness started. The last time I filled up, it was pretty much normal. Tomorrow, I’m off from work to go to my rheumy appointment. That’s stressful enough without having to worry about finding gas. I’m organizing my day around that and the appointment. So, I’ll have all morning and late afternoon to fill up. Luckily, I’m not close to empty. Maybe I’ll try to read or cross stitch while I wait in line. It might distract me from my possible diagnosis.

Posted by mary at 10:23 PM EDT
Wed, Sep 24 2008
Buying Back Cali
Mood:  flirty
Topic: money

Austin is the most liberal city in Texas, which is saying a lot, I guess. Maybe not. Well, it has a great arts and music scene. One of my favorite movies was filmed there - Slacker. That was the movie where some random girl is trying to sell Madonna’s pap smear. Randomness and existentialism were some of its themes.

Sacramento, California sounds good too. In California, Oakland is the most liberal city. These statistics were from some study done using census bureau numbers and voting statistics. While the mortgage rates are low, I'd love to contact a few Sacramento realtors and get a jump on the market. Or else I'll wait for the market to jumpstart itself.

Despite all the talk these days about sub-prime mortgages, the bad debt on the Wall Street books are all kinds of loans and lines of credit. I'm sure those realtors in Sacramento are still making great commissions on their house sales and particularly on their rental programs. R and I will be renting for a long time, especially with my credit score and his continuing education. It doesn't matter because ownership isn't our goal. Being happy and loving each other are more important goals.

Posted by mary at 10:36 PM EDT

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