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God is not American. 


So your anti-terrorist patriotism is wasted.  Your blindness to your own contributions to terrorism, your complacent-stand-by-your-man attitudes, and your xenophobic, racist tendencies are what got you in this situation to begin with.


Can you distinguish the Truth from what you are told is the Truth? 


Of course the Truth has been distorted in every aspect of your life: religion, government, work, family, education.  It may be too painful for you to wake up to what has been going on.  It may be too painful, too strange, and too life-changing.


Do you really believe We Stand United?  What are we united against? Is it terrorism or is it anti-Americanism or is it anything that should threaten our comfortable, middle-class American lifestyle?  Our privileged lives were gained through the violent impoverishment of the rest of the worlds population.  Some have had their economies ravished, children raped, and homelands destroyed, while others have lost their lives.


At the hands of the American military, nearly 8 million people worldwide have been killed since World War II, through our direct involvement in civil wars, peace interventions, humanitarian interventions, our hands-on training of international military forces, our financially-supported coups and political regimes, and our heavy involvement in the arms trade.


If you have any doubts about these facts, pick up any book on the recent history of Nicaragua, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia/Bosnia, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, or Cuba, to name just a few.  You can also pick up any book about the Native American, to learn about the violent upheaval and death of millions of indigenous people on their own soil.  Any book on the history of blacks in America would reveal that the very origins of our nation, our systems, and our wealth were based in violence, exploitation and racism.


The person who falls for everything, stands for nothing.  If you are so proud to be an American, consider what it means to wear that title.  Consider what the American government has done, with your explicit or implicit consent, to the peoples of the world, and its own citizens.


Ask yourself this: Who is the real terrorist?