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Mary's Madness

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I have got so many craft projects going on, it's insane!  I can't possibly list them all here... but I'll try!
Works in Progress (WIP):
  • Vintage-Inspired Barbie Clothes - I have ideas for a couple of dresses, etc.  I actually just got two Ken dolls and can't wait to start on my Men's line!
  • Knitted Dolls - Inspired by Jan Messant's book Knitting Historical Figures.  It's a very cool book with cool ideas.  I'm picturing a whole dollhouse type scene - everything knitted!
  • Harry Potter Scarf - It's basically a long striped scarf - dark red and yellow.  These are also Oberlin's school colors!
  • Rockstar Scarf - Red "fur" yarn striped with black & white eyelash yarn.  Fun!
  • Pink Felted Tote - If I ever finish knitting this, I can attempt felting it!  It's taking forever!
  • Pink & White Tank Top - This is a leftover project from the summer.  Maybe it'll be done by next spring!!
  • Purple Seed Stitch Tote - Like the project shown below; I basically am knitting it in every color of bulky yarn Michael's has.
  • Chenille Throw - Lots of wonderful hand-dyed chenille... knitted in an exaggerated moss stitch pattern.
  • Beaded Purse - This is much harder than I thought it would be!  It's very time-consuming.
  • Various chihuahua sweaters - The poopers are my poor torture victims when it comes to these little sweaters.  Haven't made the perfect one yet.
  • Various craft projects include: marble magnets, knitted picture frames, wooden book rack, personalized pee-chee folders, granny squares, more book purses,...


Finished Projects

Soon, I'll be adding instruction links to these pics... gimme some time...

A curbside find - Rahim actually referred to it as "junk"!

A few coats of paint, some new drawer pulls, a cute stencil, and voila... Mary's own shabby chic!

Vintage-Inspired Striped Wool Top

Vintage-Inspired Cotton Top

Wool-Silk Knitted Bag

My First Book Purse

The "Devil" Hat from the Stitch N Bitch book

My first granny square! I taught myself to crochet!

Wool-blend Seed Stitch Tote

Lust for Life Book Purse

Ernesto's Striped Sweater

A perfect fit!

My Zine
The Magic Marker
Highlighting the Truth


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