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          As far as I can tell, dogs do not have any organized religion.  Within packs of dogs hierarchy is the rule of order, in which God is the supreme alpha dog.  Invisible and perhaps acknowledged only in secret, the creator of all living things exerts only minimal power.   Instead, dogs live more or less in a dog eat dog world.  All the things strict Christians, Orthodox Muslims, or Jews would consider sins, threats to the mortal soul, or desecrations of the temple of our bodies, dogs do without judgment.  Premarital sex, violence, gluttony, lust, and greed are common among stray and domesticated dogs.  Survival, above all else, is what matters.  If you have a roof over your head, a warm bed under your paws, and a dependable source of food, who needs a saved soul or the threat of hellish consequences held over you?  The dogs I know are pretty happy and usually obedient just the way they are.

          Meanwhile, humans continue to wage war and breed intolerance in the name of religion.  Even the wars not about one faith or another, wars over territory, natural resources, or politics, are waged by individuals seeped in their own organized religions.  Some may call the impending war on Iraq a war on evil while others call it a war for oil.  Either way, we can assume that George W. Bush is not an atheist.  In a civilized society structured by religion, government and civil institutions, we find more violence, destruction, greed and other evils than anywhere in the animal kingdom.  Organized religion has done little but create strife and hatred, and subdue its believers into an apathetic existence.  Most individuals are satisfied waiting for the judgment and justice of God on the Final Day.  Their unhappiness is masked by the guarantee of religious righteousness and the promise of pharmaceutical advancements.

          Here is my final judgment: If there is a heaven, I do not think most of us will be allowed to enter.  But all dogs do go to heaven.

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